“You play a game that’s nothing more than forcing animals to fight and injure each other!” Chel felt the need to back Lexx into a corner and make him acknowledge the things he was doing and that they were wrong. He was hiding something. She knew it and she wanted to know what, even if it wasn’t her business. She was stuck up here with him and she had to know. “And you hit Zeta!”

Lexx felt his hands tremble in rage and he rose, mug still in hand. “You don’t like it, go home.” He grated.

“Fine.” Chel replied flippantly, rolling her eyes and playing her card, “I will. With MY cat.”

That was it.. Lexx dropped the mug and grabbed Chel a bit more tightly than he intended to, trying to get the point across as to who was the stronger here. “No. Stealth stays here. I need her.”

“But she’s my cat!” Chel couldn’t find anything else to say, trying to get out of Lexx’s grasp. He was far too strong for her and his grip tightened with a sudden surge of anger.

“I need her! I do not need you! I’ll take you home right now!” Lexx yelled, not about to let her go, not until he had taken her down to the lower deck and pushed her through the door and back into her house. He didn’t care about the fact he had her cat. What did it matter, really? He didn’t have to keep his word to this human.