“I found the remote, Chel,”  Lexx stepped through the door to the bunkroom and Chel quickly looked away.  Hearing his voice only made her cheeks burn.  “Why are you so red?  Something wrong?  Are you feeling well?”

“Fine,” replied Chel, not wanting Lexx to be so interested in her.

“Good,”  Lexx held out the door remote, “When I hand you the remote, you’ll be the only one other than myself who can use it.  Don’t let anyone see you open the door,”  he instructed clearly.

“No problem,”  Chel would not look up at him, wishing that she would stop blushing.

“Ready to go to the island today?”  Lexx didn’t let go of the remote as Chel’s fingers closed around it.

“You’re not going to go after a dice?”  She finally looked up and Lexx smiled.

“No, not today,… tomorrow.  Ready?”  He let go of the remote and continued smiling.  His eyes were partially closed as he looked at her, focusing on her face while trying to look like he wasn’t.  Chel blinked curiously.  She had the oddest sensation that he was inviting her to do something.  It was almost like he was flirting.

“I need to change, but it’ll only take a minute,”  Chel returned the smile.