Fly’s body completely altered before Keith’s eyes.  In the time it took for Fly to hit the grass and turn around and face Keith, he was a completely different creature.  His red fur faded to brown, orange and then gold, lengthening into a thick furry ruff  that extended from between his ears, over his shoulder, down his backbone and melted into his tail.  Fly’s ears lengthened and lightened in color.  His head widened and lengthened, but retained its round plump features behind a longer blunt muzzle.  Fly’s short squat body tripled in size, his legs stretched considerably, but did little in altering his body to leg ratio.  His legs were more slender, but his chest was low to the ground in comparison.  Wing flaps covered in shorter, finer fur than before extended from his forelegs and swung upward, seemingly retracted and folded over Fly’s hips.  The flaps folded further and vanished under Fly’s tail.

Keith stared into the new creature’s eyes.  No, it was the same creature.  The eyes were exactly the same.  The body had just changed drastically.


I’m quite pleased with how Fly turned out in this form, which is side 5.