“There are only two dice left in this set, Spark an Steel.” Lexx clicked on the remote that showed the next dice they were after. A three-dimensional circle hovered in front of him, rotating to show the very dark image of a new creature. It wasn’t very easy to see in the dark, but Chel could easily see it was a bat. She was still sitting on the floor with Dash, who was abusing his ability to give her sad kitten looks. He was good at that, especially when he wanted attention. ‘We’re going after Spark tonight.”

“Spark is a bat?” Chel inquired curiously, rubbing her hand up and down the back of Dash’s neck.

“Bat, huh?” Lexx repeated it, thinking that was an odd word. Wasn’t there
several other uses for that word other than an animal. Their language may
have been a shared one, but there were still words that were uniquely applied
to Earth. “ADIS has been tracking her and says she’s only out at night.”

“It’s a bat.” Chel chuckled.

“Yum, flying mouse.” Dash licked his jowls, flexing his forepaws in

Then, an all too familiar beeping filled the air. The sound sent a cold chill
through Lexx’s body and made his heart jump. “What now?” He muttered more
to himself than Chel. It could mean numerous things,  and none of them