Lexx clicked the remote to redirect the viewing field. The image rippled and then stabilized to show Damian. “Damian?” Lexx was mildly surprised by the expression on Damian’s face. It was serious. He was even more surprised when Damian went directly to the point without his usual overly cheerful greeting and uncomfortable comments.

“My scanners are picking up a ship that will be here in eight hours. It’s one of Trasik’s brothers, Biste.” Damian shook his head, then lifted his arm to throw something outside to range of the viewing field. There was a thump and the sound of claws on tile.

“Deuce,” Lexx decided to ignore the movement and noises. “Doesn’t she
have six brothers?”

“Seven, and they all play.” Damian corrected him.

“So this is the new game. I’m going to have to fight all of Trasik’s brothers.”
Lexx sighed in despair. Briefly, he wondered if Riley would also challenge
him. That frightened him more than the thought of having a continuous string
of battles. He couldn’t fight Riley.