The dice glowed and to Chel’s amazement, a similar glow enveloped Lexx as if it were moving on a breeze, ruffling his hair. Lexx left the dice where they were, moving a step back and looking evenly at the other alien. “What’s going on… why did Lexx roll THOSE dice? Where’s the Dice he’s using?” She knew the answer even as she asked Zeta, but it was almost as though stating it aloud would change the reality. Chel didn’t understand, but she knew what was about to occur, “God … no!” She raised her voice sharply, feeling the blood burn through her cheeks, that feeling of dread and anxiety that she’d made a horrible misconception. Lexx was one of them. He was a dice, just like Zeta, Stealth and Fly, only at the same time … he wasn’t.

Chel also realized, he’d lied to her, maybe to spare her any fear that she could be turned into a dice. He had said only non-sentient creatures were affected, but he was definitely sentient or maybe, maybe he had started out some dumb creature and the process had made him look the way he did. The hot sensation suddenly descended, directly into her stomach, knotting hard and making her eyes sting at the same time. She blinked and stared at the screen. This was so wrong. She didn’t want to see Lexx get hurt.

“Good rolls, Lexx. This should be challenging.” The alien intoned, slithering his form just close enough to glance at what had rolled on Lexx’s dice. He then rolled one dice from the cuplike protrusion on his hand, a gleaming purple dice, eight sided. “Onir will be your opponent. He is my most valued dice.” Lexx stared at the alien as he went on about how he’d captured the dice. He was stalling.