“I could stall him if you want, Lexx.” Damian offered, attempting to be helpful if he could. The Sairah had more than a few ideas in mind to get Biste off track.

“That won’t be necessary.” Lexx turned aside, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.   He had to plan this right. “Biste will arrive while Chel is sleeping. I can get it over with before she is awake. I don’t want her to witness another battle.”  The thought of Chel watching him battle again,.. where he could see her and her face, as well as feel her intense worry brought a heavy burden to the Rishan’s shoulders. He could not withstand it again, especially not if he could see her.  He didn’t want to see her, nor her to see him in that type of situation again.

What had she said after the battle with Trasik? Are you really that powerful?
She had a clear look of fear and awe. He didn’t like it. It wasn’t how he
wanted her to look at him. It hurt him to know that she was afraid of him
at times.

“Uhm,” Damian’s voice rippled through his thoughts. “Lexx,” He
started uncertainly, “If you, you know,..”

Why did this all have to happen right now? Lexx sighed. Today had not been
a good day and it was getting worse. “If I lose?” His tone sank noticeably.
He’d had time to think about it and there were new decisions to be made.
Damian knew what his plans were, but now there were changes. Apparently,
Damian had been thinking about it as well. “Take Chel to Earth, leave the
dice with her. They will come and get my ship, but I leave the dice with
her. They’ll be happy.”

And then, Lexx set a serious eye on Damian. He didn’t have a choice. Someone
else’s life would be on the line. “If you would, Damian. Bring Maenae to
Chel. I know it’s a lot to ask, but it is very important to me.”