With another bellow, Onir charged at Lexx, who stood his ground and glared at the oncoming creature. He had to wait, move too early and he’d have enough room to turn and catch him. Timing was everything. The ground beneath his feet shook and then, at the last possible moment he stepped back, the hem of his coat brushing against the beast as it passed by him. “Power dice?” They were strong, but not agile. “I expected better from you.” He turned his head slightly toward his alien opponent, who was watching safely amidst the trees. “They don’t see well as a general rule.”

Lexx pulled his right arm back, energy crackling around his hand in green and gold arcs. There was a loud crackling sound as Lexx called out the attack, making sure it was focused properly, “Ball lightning!” The blast bolted from his fist as he threw it forward … and bounced off the beast’s thick hide as it responded verbally with the counterattack.

“Reflect!” Onir may move slowly, but his mind is just as sharp as any other dice.