“Bring Maenae here?” Damian blinked in slight surprise. “Of course. I wouldn’t say no to keeping her out of the ADC’s program.” Fluffy urgently nudged his muzzle against Damian’s hand, trying to get him to throw the slobbery ball in his mouth. The dice whined plaintively.

“Thank you, Damian. I doubt I’ll lose, but if they’re coming after me like this, I don’t want to take chances.” Lexx frowned, “I have enough crids to provide for her in the case of my death or capture,  I’ve barely spent any of my winnings to make sure, but now, I would prefer that she come to Earth.”

“It would probably be best.” Damian shook his head in agreement. “The ADC can’t claim her as long a she’s with someone who will be her guardian, I assume you have Chel in mind? Are you sure that she would take that responsibility?” Damian recalled his last encounter with Maenae. It had left a sizable blast crater in his ship’s galley.

Maenae was a child, a remarkable being of limitless energy, which perplexed Damian to no end. He wasn’t very good with children and this one was far more than he could handle. He became frustrated too easily with her curiosity and inability to listen when told not to do something, but still, she was young.”

Lexx nodded confidently, “It’s not a burden I’d want to place on Chel, but yes, I do believe that she would.” He sighed, rubbing the back of his head. Maenae would be happy here. Life on Earth was much simpler and there were fewer threats to her safety. Of course, he understood that she might be studied by the humans, but most likely not hurt. Anything would seriously be better than what he was going through. She had more of a chance here. Right now, he had her in a boarding school on a space station far from here.

Previous plans for the little girl had been for her to remain in the space station under their care through arrangements with the headmaster, but he didn’t trust them not to give her up if the ADC offered more money.
Maenae, wasn’t like anyone he’d ever seen. Whatever race she was of, nobody apparently knew. They wanted her and ironically, it was Lexx who had her. He could be a guardian to a child, he could have children if he wanted while playing the game, and the only problem was if he lost and there was no other guardian, they could be claimed by the ADC. He just couldn’t trust the boarding school. At the time, it had been his only option, but now, this was better. Chel would understand. He hoped.

“I imagine she’ll become a celebrity on her world with her story and proof. Anything they go through there, would be better than being part of this game any longer.” Lexx muttered.

Damian waved a hand in front of the screen, “Yes,.. much better, sorry to be the bearer of more bad news for you, Lexx. Really, I am.”

“It’s ok, Damian.” Lexx forced a smile of gratitude, “Thank you. You really are a friend. I’m sorry that I’ve been so,.. urm, you know,” Lexx shrugged.

“Everything’s fine!” Damian grinned, happy that Lexx was pleased with him. He was just that way. It didn’t matter how Lexx treated him, he knew Lexx was more than he let anyone see. If it hadn’t been for Lexx, Damian wouldn’t be sitting on his ship playing with his dice, “I’ll let you go now. I’m sure you’ll need rest. Goodbye, Lexx. Good rolls to you.”

“Yeah bye.” Lexx turned away as the view field closed.