Flashing teeth, crimson claws and wings seemed to surround Onir. There wasn’t a battle; there wasn’t any thought, merely primal reaction. Onir tossed his head and subsequently, Lexx went flying in the opposite direction. Lexx smacked his head against a tree and crumpled at its base, stunned for the moment and feeling a seeping warmth at the back of his head.

Onir on the other hand, was much worse off. He charged forward and collided with a granite boulder. It chipped, but didn’t give as the dice crashed his head into it repeatedly, seeing only a predator that needed to be taken out. Onir’s trainer hurried over to him, but within mere moments the beast had already almost worn himself out and was still trying to take out the rock. “Clever … very clever. You win, Shira.” He turned, noting that Lexx had gotten to his feet. There would not be a win here. “I would rather not render Onir unconscious.”

“Great.” Lexx wasn’t about to show that he was in an intense amount of pain, rubbing his hand over his mouth and noting that he’d apparently bit his lip as well when he hit the tree. The back of his head was soaked in blood, along with the back of his coat. That was nice, he’d have a time getting it out later. Head wounds always bled excessively, even with the smallest of cuts and from the feel of things and the nanos reporting damage, it was only a few lacerations from the tree bark. The worst of it was the fact he’d bruised four ribs. With that in mind, he added in relief that the alien wasn’t going to press on the battle, even though it had been short and very uneventful, “My ribs thank you.”