“Eeeeee!!” Fly squealed, looking for Lexx and Dash. They weren’t very far away, he’d just seen them below, “What do I do now?! What do I do?!” He yelled, hoping that someone would hear him.

Lexx clutched his ears. It really hurt. “I wish she’d stop doing that!!” He growled, then shouted, “Fly, try weight!!”

“Geh?!” Fly heard the command through the ring link. “All the way up here?!”

“Just do it, Fly!” Lexx snapped. The bat folded her wings and spiraled down, then spread them to go straight up, still screeching.

Fly chattered in protest, but there wasn’t anything else he could do. Finally, with a resigned sigh, he muttered, “Weight.”

Suddenly, Spark couldn’t stay in the air. Both the bat and squirrel plummeted toward the ground, despite bat’s frantic efforts to flap her wings and remain airborn.