The pair hit the ground rolling. Wings flailed and Fly fought to keep his tail from getting tangled up in the thin membrane and causing them both harm. Spark continued to screech in a high-pitched tone, threatening to shatter Fly’s eardrums.

Dash emerged from the darkness in a blur, streaking through the grass to slam his paw down onto the bat’s head, pushing it into the ground. With his ears backed, the tiger snarled, “That’s enough of that, Spark! I enjoy being able to hear!!”

Spark whimpered and quivered. She wasn’t the bravest of creatures and panicked at everything. She’d been completely out of her mind in fear at the new place she’d been dropped in,.. and the fact that she had this overwhelming compulsion to be out when the sun was down. She wasn’t originally a creature that lived in the dark and was very afraid of it. Flying around in what she feared, unable to see nearly as well as she was accustomed to and needing to navigate by sonar had pretty much set her into being so worried about where she was going, that she’d offered zero actual combat to Dash and Fly. They just had to catch her.

“One track mind,” Lexx strolled through the grass casually. There was no way that Spark would escape or even try now. As a matter of fact, she looked very relieved, although out of breath and shaking all over. “Good work, Dash,.. Fly.” Lexx knelt next to Spark and reached out to clip her ear with a ring, “Calm down, Spark. Everything’s ok now.”

“I feel sick,” Fly sat up and wobbled slightly, rubbing a cream colored paw over his forehead.