And now? Lexx let his fantasies run wild.  The real possibility of being with Chel is as frightening as winning this fragging game! He wanted it.  He wanted it all.  Everything that he had ever allowed himself to dream of was right there.  But there was one little problem.  One little flaw.  He had spent a lot of time dreaming and very little time realizing that it could really happen.  He had spent all his time planning for the game, for winning battles and keeping all of his dice in top form, but none for what he would actually DO when it was all over.

I don’t have a plan! Lexx did have his casual wants of what he wanted to do, but none of them had ever included a girl.  They also hadn’t included Maenae or even the Dice.  They were mostly devoted to a place where Lexx could live … alone … and how he would build it, but he had never really given thought to how he would LIVE.

I plan everything! Lexx turned back around and banged his head against the glass window in resignation that he had made a little mistake.  What am I going to do with a life I’m completely unprepared for?