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September 02, 2002

Then, a soft light enveloped Fly and he jumped gleefully. Spinning on one hind leg, he settled down and swished the entire length of this tail, "Yeah!! It's about time!!" He squeaked. Energy flooded through the black squirrel as he waited patiently for whatever change was to come. Only,.. it didn't. The light faded and there was nothing physically different about Fly. He looked exactly the same. He felt different. That was odd. Heblinked and looked at himself, then his fur frizzed out in agitation. "Arrgh!!" He chattered. "I rolled a side and I didn't change?! What the-?!" The squirrel's language degraded from that point into a strong of alien profanities that he'd picked up from Lexx. This amused Lexx to no end,.. since the squirrel's high pitched voice didn't lend itself well to such phrases.

One thought on “September 02, 2002

  1. Aaaand it’s a horrible night to be a dice all around! At least Fly’s predicament is somewhat amusing

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