“What if you’re hurt?” Stealth purred, arcing her body around the back of Lexx’s legs and rubbing her muzzle against him. “She could get you back to the ship quicker if you’re hurt.”

“Yeah,.. sure. If I’m hurt bring her down.” Lexx shrugged, making the statement solely for the cat’s benefit. “Otherwise, she is not to know about this.”

“Lexx, Lexx, Lexx,” Stealth sat down next to him. “You want her to wake up in the morning and see you dragging yourself in torn up, or not at all? She will be sad.”

“Why would she be sad? She gets you back.”

“She would be sad. Do you want her to be sad?”

“I can’t help if I’m beaten up, captured or killed, Stealth.”

“No, but you should at least be honest with her and let her know what’s going on.” Stealth persisted.

“I am afraid.” Lexx shook his head, staring down into golden green cat eyes. He inhaled deeply. He’d done a lot of admitting lately. The cat was always easy to talk to about things he wouldn’t discuss with the others. “I don’t want to feel her emotions and that is all your fault.” Lexx’s mood shifted abruptly as he remembered again, the relay. Darn the cat. “Leave me alone, Stealth.” He cut the conversation and neither said another word.