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Keith spent most of his time in the ship’s gardens, avoiding Claudia and talking to the dice. He had a lot to think about. Most of his thoughts centered on the fact that he really didn’t need to be there, but how much he wanted to be there. Fly kept close by, keeping an eye on the boy in case he might wander somewhere he shouldn’t be. Fly also enjoyed the almost constant attention he received from Keith. Until Chel had arrived, Fly had been pretty much ignored. He wasn’t among the biggest, strongest or smartest of the dice and the others often pushed him aside, but with the humans, he was just as interesting as any other dice. Fly loved it. Sirius slept almost the entire time on a very soft, full body pillow and when he wasn’t sleeping, he was enjoying strips of delicious red meats, fish and a selection of perfectly ripe fruit from the gardens. The meat was considered a delicacy in space, but Riley had seen to it that Sirius get the best food Damian had available. The Dice’s wounds were almost fully healed, but where they were on his neck made him stiff and sore and likely to break in some spots with any extreme movement. Sirius more than welcomed the ‘doctor’s orders’ and slept peacefully. He wouldn’t allow himself to worry about what could happen. Now was not time for that. Now was best spent in the now, sleeping and indulging his stomach.

9 thoughts on “09/08/2010

  1. Yes, rest the rest of those most blessed, that have eaten steak until they had to leave some from being to full…

  2. I can’t help but wonder if that is some sort of syntho-steak, or if that IS a real steak, what (or who) it may have been from. Eating meat is a lot harder to enjoy when most of the animals in the vicinity seem to be things that talk.

    (Has anybody seem Claudia lately?)

    1. Don’t even joke about that! I don’t want Sirius to catch space syphileprosy.

  3. @OBJuan: I think she’s gone into hiding.
    the first panel has me wondering what Keith is thinking.

  4. At least Sirius looks happy.

  5. 🙁 Fly still looks hurt that he can’t ride on shoulders anymore. Yes Sirius sleep get well and don’t mind if one or more of us steals that last steak you left. *drool…………..*

    1. Of course Fly would still be sad about that – I mean he’s having to walk now when he rode in on Keith’s shoulders

  6. I just realized that through reading this, I have almost completely forgotten to check other comics.

  7. Let me rest, oh my people let me rest, for I have bled for you.

    And I think O.B. Juan meant something in direct regard to the steak, when he asked about Claudia’s whereabouts. Cannibalism aside, would you really eat that? I mean, one cannot even start to imagine, where she’s been!

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