Lexx didn’t waste any time. He stepped onto the lift, seething and clutching his sides. It really did hurt to the point that he was having difficult time breathing. The pain had drained away his reservations and opened up a deeper wound. His pride had been hurt one too many times recently. He did this for fun? How dare that human girl insinuate that he did any of this because he wanted to. She didn’t understand and he was seething with rage on that point more than any other. Self-righteous human.

He wasn’t in his usual frame of mind, things had changed. She knew now and he was going to spell it out for her completely. Might as well. Lexx did not like the sense of being angry, the sense of losing control and if he didn’t say something now, he knew it’d eat at him for days. He had other things more important to eat at him. Getting this one out of the way would be a relief.

The lift stopped and Lexx stepped heavily off of it, his coat flapping at his heels as he walked. For a moment, Lexx’s thoughts were distracted and scattered at the sound as he imagined what he must look like to the girl. He wanted to make sure she knew he was angry. He wanted to intimidate her. Most importantly, he wanted her to feel just as badly as she had made him feel.

Chel was standing in the middle of the room, looking down. She tilted her head toward Lexx, but didn’t look at him with her eyes, just indicating that she was listening. Her hands were clasped behind her back, fingers nervously clenching and unclenching. Lexx walked up to her, moving stiffly to dull the sharp jabs in his chest. His eyes were closed and jaw set so hard that his neck ached. “Now, do you understand, Chel?” Lexx’s tone was low, squeezed between his teeth to quell the building flood of emotion.

— text missing —

“…No.” Chel replied honestly. What else could she say? She knew what she saw, but she didn’t truly understand it and after she’d made her accusations, she wasn’t going to pretend to figure it all out. It would be better if Lexx explained it and judging by his words earlier and now, he was going to follow up and explain.

“I’m not playing this game because I want to.” Lexx began, keeping his words even and still clutching his sides. To hide his apparent injury further, he began idly stroking his hair with one hand. It gave off a decent impression that he was merely folding his arms in contempt and being thoughtful. At least, that’s what he thought he was doing. “I’m playing for my life and this is the last phase.”

“You’re part of the game for someone else?” Chel blurted out incredulously. That was it. It made sense now. Someone else was hunting Lexx like he was hunting the dice on Earth. It made sense when it first popped into her head, but why? Why was someone so intent on doing this to Lexx?

“I’m part of the game for the entire galaxy!” Lexx threw his arms into the air, immediately regretting it as his chest seared and broiled in the added pain of excessive movement. He tilted his head forward and his face contorted briefly in full expression of just how much he hurt. He recovered with draining effort. “The game … you see me playing was the original game. The rich got bored with it. They insisted that they needed more of a challenge…”