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Victor found himself spending hours in front of the large window at the end of the hall where his room was. It was very quiet in the area they had been assigned to. Occasionally a few aliens would pass through, first to do a quick cleaning of the rooms, then bringing food and a few offered Victor tours of the ship, which he took. Vic would then spend a few hours typing up reports on a small laptop. During his excursions and even while he was in the hall, he never saw a sign of Lexx, Riley or Damian and none of the helpful aliens would take him to them, citing that they had orders, for now, to restrict Victor and Keith to certain parts of the ship and not interrupt Lexx, Riley or Damian. Vic did not take that information very well and made up his mind to have a discussion with whichever one of the three aliens he knew was in charge he found first. 24 hours found Shira Kane transferred temporarily to a set of luxurious rooms, the likes of which she had only seen in her wildest dreams. She was cleaned up and indulged with expensive food and drink and outfitted with more clothing than she had ever owned at one time. And she was promised more. She slept on sheets of the softest synthetic fibers and was awakened by a very handsome Rishan – Korbaen Dasch. He was stuffy and aloof, with an obvious taste for the finer things in life and he was pushy. Kane wasn’t fully aware of what was going on other than it was time to go. Dasch tossed a few things into one of the waiting travel bags and gave it to another Rishan, then escorted a bewildered Kane through numerous winding hallways with windows that looked out at unfamiliar stars. They were going to Earth and Korbaen was in a hurry to get Kane there. He had orders … and he had his own plans. Plans that his ‘employer’ might not like if she caught wind of them.
Ok, for those of you who are impatient... :D Next week marks the start of a time jump. Mainly because pretty much nothing is happening outside of what has been established for the next 24 hours that are basically covered in that page. ;) Now, do you WANT what I have planned or do you want to rush on into the next battle? I don't have the next segment fully written, but it includes what I see as a lengthy little story that does not involve Lexx and Chel. :D Or Dice. If I skip it - you miss a rather huge plot explanation, but I guess it's not 100% necessary. Tiff

33 thoughts on “09/10/2010

  1. Oh boy, trouble incoming.

  2. I agree Gremalkin it looks like those are Lexx’s parents thou It’s easy to see where he got his good looks.

    1. Grandparents, you mean. …but I doubt it. The male not only looks too young, but I swear I recognize him from somewere…

  3. I thought that was Kale, Lexx’s sister, and the ADC headwoman’s top guard dog man. I’m fairly sure that’s Kale anyway.

  4. Pensive, perhaps reflective, watching of stars, I think this panel doesn’t need words, they’d get a bit in the way of the way the art speaks.

  5. http://aliendice.com/blog/2010/05/10/05102010/

    Yup it’s mister watchdog from ADC and Kale.

  6. Looks like Lexx’s sister, Kane, and Andisel’s most trusted guard, Korbaen Dasch from the May 10th strip.

  7. Yes, it’s Kane and Dasch 🙂 That’s probably the cutest image of Kane I’ve ever done.

    And Lexx’s mom and dad are deceased. 😀

  8. Somehow I feel the progress of the story has come to a long stall – will there any progress in the near future? I mean we are beating a few minutes of story time for weeks now.

  9. Hi! I am kinda new to this kind of thing, so I thought,”why not try it out with my favorite web comic?” I just want to say,”I LOVE ‘ALIEN DICE’!!!”

    1. All together now!
      ALIEN DICE!!!!!

  10. This update is kinda touching. Poor Dad. (forgot his naaaaame,dernit.)

  11. I kind of like the idea of having the plot explanation, though it doesn’t necessarily need to be “drawn” out. You have before done sets where the text was far more descriptive than the comic, and I think that’s a good candidate here. If people want to read it and be in the know, they’ll have that choice (especially since you have already written the story; it would be nice to see it). However, since you state it isn’t 100% necessary, the impatient who want to move on would also not be kept waiting for more than one other strip.

    I value the work and think others would too. I’m hoping this would be a fitting and workable compromise.

    1. It WOULD be possible to do a black and white ‘side story’, which would be updated faster.. hmm.. actually.. that gives me an idea.

  12. Please do not rush things. I don’t think AD progresses too slowly. The last couple of “days” have been quite hectic, a slight sidestep might actually do good to the pace of the story.

  13. what idea? (or would saying anything be a spoiler?)

  14. I think you should go for it! YAY CREATIVITY!!!

  15. Well, basically, I’ve been thinking about making the Legacy portion of the site subscriber access only and updating it as an extra once week.

    There’s a side story that has something to do with what’s coming up following the one that is there. I haven’t done anything else on it because I just haven’t had time. I’ve had to work on other things. :/ But there are several other chapters already written. The same information contained within the Legacy chapter is slated to be revealed in the story itself, in a shorter version.

    Reminds me that I STILL need to finish those two wallpapers sitting on my hard drive that I owe… They’re ‘done’ they just need to be ‘wallpapered’. 😉

  16. * Bonks D-cat on head with oversized mallet* Nobody likes a wave of text, no matter where it is. A compromise would be nice. Like a split comic, on top we get revealing plot, on the bottom a cool scene of Lexx beating the crap out of a poor die, or Chel doing random stuff with her new friends/inmates, or possibly the dice engaged in some humorous antics. Annnnd I think I just made a wall of text. * bonks self x_x*

  17. for a minute the bold guy threw me for a loop but with can next to him i’m starting to understand were their at.
    P.S bold is not a good look on him, yup not at all he looks so angry. noe that i’m thinkin about it didn’t he say he hated his job

  18. I say go for the lengthy bit. I am patient, and I feel that a bit of background (even if it doesn’t involve the main characters directly) doesn’t hurt things at all. 🙂

  19. To paraphrase what has been said in a different context. Tell the story, he whole story and nothing but the story.

  20. Blargh! Member-access only? (Does classic empty-pocket move) However, as an aspiring author, I can completely understand the need to get money. Bah! Capitalism, why dost thou playest favorites?
    I, for one, am all for plot-development.

    1. I don’t really like doing that. 😀 But it’d also be available in print in the future if I do decide to do it.

      I’m going to go and write scrips for half an hour right now. I think I’ll just include it, because it will add another dimension that has not been explored. I’m a bit exhausted.

  21. Please include the text.

  22. Wow, are you doing multiple full-color webcomics MWF?! I am in awe, especially since they are each great ideas, and well done, too! Major kudos are in order. I’ve been slow to comment, but I loved reading up through the archives, and can hardly wait to see what happens. Still, I would prefer to have the background–better to know what’s going on.

  23. Quality takes time, so do what you have planned!
    Do NOT rush into the next battle.

  24. I think it’s important not to rush things just to please some readers. Take your time to fully develop and explain the plot before jumping ahead, even if it slows things down for a while. Plot development is the most important part of a story. You want to create something richer than just another shounen manga, which you’ve done so far, so take your time. Some readers may get impatient, but they’re the ones just looking for instant gratification instead of a thought-provoking story. For many readers, important plot points are more exciting than battles and talking alien animals.

  25. I think you should present what you had originally planned and do not skip any of it. A nice bit of plot explanation can add depth to the story. While many of us can be impatient, I think that for most of us it is just wanting to see more of your work, not for you to finish the story faster. If you finish the story too soon, what will we read? *sniff* No, stretch it out as long as you can, please! 😀

    1. I imagine everyone will then be reading Alien Dice C.U.T 😀 I do intend to take a month long break, move the website around a bit and then debut a second story. The first story will indeed end with an actual ENDING and be THE END, but I’m not done with the world. Actually, I may do a story that has nothing to do with anything but the game itself and a set of new characters in the interim before starting anew.

  26. Shadow Fox Kitfox


  27. I’d rather the story and plot, especially if it’s what you originally had planed for the story.

  28. I’d like to see the exposition in the comic. I don’t usually read the text. But I don’t want to miss important information. I’m not upset by the recent pacing.

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