“She’s your type” Biste tossed the dice into the air and caught it, then snapped his wrist to send it further down the clearing. “She is my prized possession as you will be for my sister!”

The dice hit the ground and glowed, immediately erupting in an all too familiar form. A Rishan. Lexx couldn’t help but stare. He hadn’t considered that he’d be fighting one of his own kind. She was beautiful, flawless skin and long white hair tied up into a sweeping ponytail. It wasn’t something he could ignore.

‘Just like me.’ Lexx clenched his fists in thought. ‘Caught in this game the same as I am and now, we’re going to have to fight and most likely hurt each other.’ A pang of sorrow hit his heart, quickening the beat. ‘I don’t want to hurt her,.. fighting those half sentient creatures is fine,.. but I hate fighting my own kind.’

There was just one problem, apparently his opponent didn’t feel the same way. She didn’t pause. From the moment she appeared she’d turned toward Lexx and was now striding toward him her left fist glowing as it collected the first attack.

‘She’s only doing what she’s told, and I better stop hesitating and see what she has!’ Lexx kept even with her, backing away. He wasn’t going to attack until he had a decent view of her abilities.