“I had a scented bath drawn for you!” She didn’t sound like she was up to anything, but Lexx knew this Kourwine could be very tricky. “Now, take off your clothes and I’ll have them cleaned.” There was the trick.

“Claudia …” Lexx began to protest. How many times had he done this? How many times had he flatly told her to leave him alone. He had snapped at her, then out of frustration began to understand the more he pushed, the more she persisted. There was a fine line to be walked and Lexx had not fully figured out where that line was. There had to be some point in which Claudia figured out that he was not interested in her and stopped trying.

“Don’t be so modest! I won’t watch you undress and it’s just a bath.” Claudia set her hands on Lexx’s shoulders and pushed him in the direction of a nearby door. “Take all the time you want!” He tried to dig his feet into the floor, but the tiling was too slick and didn’t have a groove in it. “I insist!”