Ten minutes later. Lexx blinked. There were sudsy fragrant bubbles all around him. He was by himself in a very large, very nice bath with neck pillows situated at various points around the edge. The view from the bath was stunning. Two thirds of the walls were full windows looking out into space. The rest of the wall had soft lights slowly moving over it, casting a rainbow of colors wherever they hit.

There was a little cart next to the pool with warming towels, a robe and a bowl full of fresh pale green and golden striped globules that closely resembled large grapes. Sipli. One of Lexx’s favorite foods.

“… how exactly did I end up in here?” Lexx scowled, going over the events that had landed him in the bath. Claudia had pushed him to the door and inside, then … left. She had not followed him in. That was unusual. Lexx had waited for her for a few minutes, before finally deciding to undress and get in the bath. He couldn’t let a real water bath go to waste, now could he?