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Chel slept more soundly than she could ever recall sleeping. The moment her head hit the pillow on the ship, everything went black. That was all she could remember. She awoke to a cool breeze ruffling her hair and sending a chill up the back of her neck. Chel shivered, but it felt good. She didn’t open her eyes immediately, enjoying the warm comfort of a bed that was just right with a satiny smooth blanket that was also … just right. For a moment, she was at home in her own bed. The events of the previous days were completely forgotten in the haziness of sleep and a comfortable bed. Then, Chel opened her eyes. The light wasn’t right. It was too bright. And the pillow she was laying on. It was different from her own. It felt … alien. Chel let the thoughts fall into place as she slid her fingers over the fine material it was made out of. This wasn’t her pillow. Chel blinked the sleep from her eyes and stared out in front of her. She was sleeping outside. There was a bluish purple sky, grass and hedges in the distance. Where was she?

12 thoughts on “09/15/2010

  1. Hostage on a spaceship and
    probably bored out of her skull…
    Time for some ACTION…
    He he he, hope she stirs things up good !
    Lovely strip, and I love her new hair 🙂

  2. I can feel her boredom. She looks like her bra size keeps changing each panel to me.

  3. her and lexx didn’t sleep in the same bed in the first place. what’s she saving a spot for him for?

  4. Chel finds a CAMERA! *Ba Dana-da-NA!*
    This item can be used by voyeurs to stare at sleeping people! Hey…

    It’s probably the dice from the cover, but, this was more humorous – and aren’t all dice wired for video relay anyway?

  5. :hug: Chel. She looks depressed, not that I blame her.

  6. so what was your decison are you goning with action or are you going with plot strengthening?

  7. *laugh* I’ve already written out the plot stuff, action to come later. 😀

  8. O.K i can deal a little with her hair looking like that but i still don’t like here hair short also i love the comic this way chel does look better. But i still don’t like the hair that much.

  9. I’m amazed none of you noticed that she’s in a completely different place. The slave ship didn’t have pretty pink sheets and pillows. Not to mention decent cloths.

  10. @Me: I thought it looked different, too. Must be the “time jump,” eh?

  11. I’d personally be creeped out if I woke up and my clothes had changed.

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