‘Thank you.’ Lexx swung hard at the female, not holding back now that she was close enough for close combat. They circled as experienced fighters, an occasional blow striking home. ‘I apologize ahead of time. What is your name?’

‘Sicali Riane,…’ The mental image began to fade. ‘I’m sorry.’

Lexx scowled, noticing that the crimson ring in her left ear sparkled and glowed for a second. To anyone not standing as close as he was, it merely looked like reflected light, but Lexx could see that the glimmer was not natural.

Stealth jumped high enough to hit the door release to the bunkroom. The doors slid open and she darted through them, urgently lunging at Chel’s bunk. With claws extended, she jumped up and down, “Chel!! Hurry! We have to get down to the surface!!”

“Hnnn.” Chel stirred and batted at the large cat in irritation. “Go away, Stealth.” She murmered.

“Chel!! Lexx is fighting! You need to get up, NOW!”

“F’fighting?!” Chel sat up abruptly, knocking the cat off the bunk and onto the floor with a thud.