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September 18, 2003 (4 Comments)

"That's not true, Lexx."  Damian said, "Claudia, Riley and myself would help,…" Sure they would.  Riley would help, but Lexx didn't see either Damian or Claudia doing anything that might put them in danger.  "The point is not to let it happen in the first place!"  Lexx shouted in frustration, "You three can go anywhere!  Kane's being hunted because of me,… and I don't want to leave.  I would have to.  Where would I go?  Where would she run?  My game would be called a foul and I'd be reset to start it again on another world!"  Lexx flailed his wings slightly. Damian cowed and backed away.  "Lexx, you'd do fine wherever you are." "I don't WANT to go anywhere else!"  Lexx found his anger rising even more and he lunged forward, then checked himself and pivoted around Damian, spinning on one foot to send the other into the trunk of an unfortunate palm tree.  It shook and the trunk shredded and bent from the force of the blow. Lexx stopped and stared at the tree as it fell, clenching his fists tightly at his side and noting that he had come very close to hitting Damian for no reason.  No good reason.  As annoying as the Sairah was, he didn't really intend any harm and he didn't deserve to be smacked. "It's happening again?"  Damian was standing behind Lexx now, leaning forward slightly in concern, but not too close.  "What happened at the end of the last set?" "You tell me,"  Lexx grumbled without bothering to turn around,  "You were there.  You know what happened and you won't even tell me what I forgot." "There are some things that are best not remembered."  Damian was a lot of help.  Lexx scowled. "It was a battle, you won, the end."  Damian was speaking nervously now.  "Don't worry about the things you forget, because it's not you who did them." "What did I do?"  Lexx turned abruptly, demanding an answer.  "I do not want to be a danger to those around me,… I don't want to accidently hurt Chel or anyone else." "I wasn't hurt."  Damian shrugged, still refusing a clear answer. "Neither was Maenae or Riley." "Which implies that SOMEONE was hurt."  Lexx moved into Damian's face.  He was a few inches shorter, but his intense gaze was more than enough to intimidate the Sairah.  Damian did not like confrontations like this. Damian just stood there, his pale green eyes wavering in uncertainty.  His expression was sincerely concerned and helpless at the same time.  Whatever it was, he wasn't going to tell Lexx and Lexx knew it. "You wouldn't hurt your friends,"  Damian finally choked out. "…"  Lexx sighed and turned away.  "I wouldn't, but you also said that it wasn't me who did whatever was done." There was silence again. "Uhh,.. I haven't done anything with Kane?"  Damian ventured, attempting to make Lexx feel better. Lexx merely growled and walked away into the trees.  He wanted to be alone. Elsewhere, Stealth methodically extended her claws and dragged them along the limb she was perched upon.  Nearby, she could see the two sallomandyrs curled up together in the shade.  She had watched them 'playing' in disgust, thankful that Dash was not around to make any of his suggestions.  They were fools.  All of them.  Fools. "Idiots,"  Stealth inhaled in a low hiss, jealousy weighing heavily upon her thoughts.  It just wasn't fair.

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  1. Aww, now those two are just plain out cute. And well, dear Stealth…you harvest what you sow, don’t you?

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