“Eh,… it is nice.” Lexx leaned back and wiggled his toes. The water was the perfect temperature, nice and hot. The bubbles tickled and there was some sort of bath accents that made his skin tingle. “I might as well enjoy it. Let’s see.” Lexx picked up the oddly placed pink bathtoy and squeezed it, “3.” -squeak- “2” -squeak- “1” -squeak-. A knock on the door followed the third squeak.

“Just as I suspected.” A smile spread slowly across Lexx’s face. The universe was indeed still in sync. “Good thing I locked the door.” There was a second knock.

“Lexx… would you open the door so I can help you wash your wings.” Claudia was trying her best to sound completely innocent… even if her clothing implied completely different motives. She had changed quickly into a skimpy outfit. Not quite as skimpy as she could have gone, but by now she had figured out that the stringini didn’t appeal to Lexx – for some reason.

“I’ fine, Claudia.” Lexx responded sweetly. “Thank you for the offer.”