Chel smiled as she sipped her soda. Keith was sitting across from her tapping his fingers across the table top and speaking excitedly.

“Are you going to try to get a government job, Chel?” The conversation shifted suddenly. It was never long before Keith brought up his ‘hobby’. As kids, he’d been obsessed with the X-files and she’d obsessed over David Duchovny. It was his dream to find the ‘X-files’ department in the FBI or whatever secret society that took care of them and work them.

Chel had laughed at him, but not right now. She had an entirely new perspective on his little hobby now and a realization that she had accomplished something that was his childhood dream. Since aliens were real, was it possible there really was an organization that dealt with them? She filed it away to ask Lexx about later.

“My dad already has an internship set up for me in technology.” Keith beamed proudly. He’d spent a month out of every summer at some school in Pennsylvania and was never specific about it, other than he was studying ‘technology’. Come to think about it, wasn’t it this month that he was always away?

“I don’t know… I’m not really interested in ‘saving the world’ type jobs.” Chel laughed. “I just don’t have the body for it.” Chel just wasn’t interested. Her parents worked for the government and she had nothing against it or them. She just wanted to work her own hours, do her studies and become a college professor. She knew it’d be difficult to get a job in her major, but had numerous backup plans. None of them involved working for the government.