Chel tip toed through the dark house.  It was about 2 in the morning and she was sure her brother and sister were asleep.  The doors to their rooms were closed.  Chel was wide awake despite the time.  Lexx’s concept of day and night were slightly askew to her own and traveling to different places on Earth had really messed up her sleeping habits.

The Reid home wasn’t especially spacious, but it did have enough bedrooms that everyone had their own room.  They were small, but they were their own.  Chel was happy that she didn’t have to share a room with her sister.  They lived in two completely different worlds.  Chel had more in common with Kalvin.

Quietly, Chel pushed the door to her room open, then closed it behind her and turned on the light. The room was just as she had left it.  She dropped her bag on the floor next to her bed and knelt by it to retrieve her dataplate.  She was too awake to go to sleep just yet.

Kip dangled from the dataplate as Chel lifted it up.  “Oh… you.”

“Where are we?!” Kip chirped, letting go and tumbling onto Chel’s bed.

“Shoo…”  Chel swung the dataplate at the peripheral, getting him to move to the head of the bed. Then she kicked off her sneakers and collapsed on the bed.  She unlocked the stylus and turned on the plate to begin her entry for the evening.

‘Home,… I’m kind of glad to be home.  Lexx had some things to do.  He’ll come by when he’s done.  Should take a couple of days.  That’s fine.  I’ve spent too much time with him.’  Chel began recording her thoughts, feeling like a giddy teenager as she did.  She smiled as she wrote, but the more words that appeared on the screen, the more an empty feeling opened up within her.

On the beach, there had been idle chat with Kane and Damian.  Kane was very friendly and actually seemed interested in Chel as a person and not as a ‘Lexx accessory’.  It did not change Chel’s suspicions of this ‘sister’.  She did not believe her and felt bad for having that doubt, but she couldn’t push it away.  It was lingering.  Something wasn’t right.

“Are you done with me, Chel?”  Kip bounced on the pillow next to Chel’s head, “Can I look around now?”

“Kip,…”  Chel tilted her head to look directly at him, making sure that he understood her, “You have to stay in this room.”

“So it’s ok for me to look around here?”  Kip leaned forward, brown eyes glinting curiously.  There was so much to record.

“Yes,…”  yawned Chel.  “I’m going to sleep.”  She turned off the dataplate and dropped it back into the bag, suddenly feeling tired and depressed.  She carelessly added, “Do whatever.  I’ll let Andrea and Kalvin know I’m home in the morning.”

“Yay!”  Kip hurriedly hopped off the bed and ran under it to peek into the boxes and books stacked there.