Three trees and numerous branches grabbed at Lexx as he crashed through them. The trees were small and their trunks shattered as he hit them, but a fourth tree had a trunk thick enough to stop him. Even that tree split as he smashed into it.

The Rishan fell into the grass and rolled, unable to breathe and face contorted with intense pain. Behind him, the tree trunk above where he’d struck groaned and slowly gave way, falling thankfully, away from Lexx.

He could take a lot of punishment, but he still felt every bit of it, including the sudden charge of energy arcing through his shoulders and back. Lexx knew it was coming soon, but he didn’t expect it in the middle of a battle, or want it.

‘Not, now,’ Lexx didn’t move. He couldn’t. The nanites were rapidly rebuilding the shattered bones in his back and sides, while at the same time fixing his right lung. They gave a constant readout of what they were doing, as well as advisory of what not to do. Lexx coughed, feeling blood rise in his throat and hoping that this would be quick, before the other dice arrived. If he was stuck on the ground, he’d be easily taken out and worse yet, he felt at this point,.. he could be killed.