Lexx pushed himself up, gasping and trying to clear his lungs and throat. He glanced around for the creature and could hear it crashing through the trees nearby, but it hadn’t found him in the darkness yet. Above, the sky was being lit with flashes of light, but the effects of his hurricane had died down and almost tapped the clouds above. It was still raining, but not as heavily.

“I don’t want to die here I don’t want to die here,.. not in the cold,.. not alone.” He clutched his sides and leaned forward. The bones had already been mended and now the soft glow that surrounded him brightened. Then, a brighter light lit the small clearing. Lexx couldn’t see, but he knew immediately as the wave of concern flooded his mind. Chel.

“Lexx!!!” Chel shrieked, stepping through the gate, followed closely by Zeta, Epsy and Stealth. The dice started forward, then backed away at the roar of the other dice. It knew where Lexx was now. The gate had shown it. “Oh no, Chel! Don’t come here!” Lexx managed to yell at her, hoping she could hear him. Epsy bounced forward, grabbing the back of Chel’s nightshirt to keep her from running into the clearing.

“Stay back!” Stealth hissed, darting in front of Chel, back arched in defense.

“The battle isn’t over!”

“Ung,” Lexx clenched his jaws, snapped away from Chel’s presence and the battle, ‘This is going to hurt.’