“Ahh, so you are Shira Lexx. Pity about your parents. Your scores are among the best on the Galaxy lists.” And then, there were the words that would change his life, echoing with ominous forboding as they dropped around him. “We’re accepting you into training to assist in the future of Alien Dice. You will receive everything you need, plus a monthly allowance and board in the general dormitories.”

The words meant nothing to Lexx. He had come to just do what he was told. There was no direction in his life and he felt completely powerless. He had no say in what he wore, what he did or anything. They told him what to do, where to live, how to act and if he disobeyed, he was punished. Lexx retreated inside. It was all he could do and all he remembered of the early years.

His room was Spartan and he had only a few things that were personal items, the chips. He still had the chips. He would never let them go. It was all he had of who he was, the only line he had to any reality or normalcy, … that he could no longer remember.