Over the trees, a streak of lightning illuminated Lexx’s opponent, fully before Chel’s eyes. She backed away quickly under the encouragement of Lexx’s dice. She turned her gaze back to Lexx, staring.

Lexx sat fully upright, fists clenched to his sides. A crimson light covered his upper body, followed by a blast of golden light, sparkling from his shoulders and back. It tingled painfully, but not unbearably so.

The nanites worked amazingly fast, forming bone, muscle, nerves and skin into a pair of immense leathery wings, ripping through his shirt. His next level was reached, Dark, but it wasn’t dark that brought the wings. It was the new level.

The light faded quickly and Lexx felt refreshed, but awkward and off balance. The nanites had completely healed his body, adding a couple of new scars in their speed, but the effects of being thrown into the trees was no longer there.