Time passed in flashes, other students he knew, brief moments of a good time, but mostly an oppressive darkness. What is the point of this? It echoed in feeling, words and thoughts. There were times he remembered asking himself that randomly. What hope was there? He went to classes and did his work as he was asked to do, but there was not a direction to his life as a whole and that clung to him.

Three years ago he had begun this trek, he knew how old he was now, 21 by Earth standards, only 18 by the ADC calendar. Years were much longer on their calendars. Three ADC years ago was when this all had begun, this new part of his life. He remembered being in the room where they were talking about him. “This Rishan is the fifth of our top ten most promising students. He’s of age.” Lexx didn’t quite understand why that was important. “Move ahead with integration.”

He was taken to yet another empty room. Lexx had become very accustomed to the empty rooms by now. “What is the point of this? Nobody tells me anything…” The thoughts returned and then he saw it, though he never actually had seen it. A small panel slid open in the ceiling above him and a glowing dice dropped out of it.