Lexx leaned forward, starting to push himself to his feet. He had to stand up. The ground was shaking beneath his feet and abruptly the rain and lightning seemed to stop, casting his world into darkness.

Chel couldn’t believe what she was watching and in the dim light, was afraid of what was coming. Why had the dice insisted she come down here? Why? Why now? She couldn’t do anything and she didn’t want to watch this, but at the same time, couldn’t tear her eyes away from where the dark shape of Lexx was moving.

“NO!!!” Lexx growled, stumbling forward. He had to move. He couldn’t see where the other dice was, but could feel it all around.

Lightning reflected off a row of teeth high above Lexx, easy for Chel to see, but not Lexx. The jaws dropped and Chel screamed, unable to actually find words.

“Chel! Don’t watch!!” Lexx allowed himself to be distracted, more concerned with Chel watching than the fact he was in the middle of a battle. He stumbled.