“Gale” Lexx shouted.

A fierce howling sound echoed through the trees, sweeping through them and heading straight for the monster. Lexx fought to remain on his feet, safe from the effects of the wind, but struggling to stand with the awkwardness of having only one wing.

Zeta, Epsy and Stealth huddled around Chel as she took cover by a tree. Most of the wind was focused on the creature, but it was still strong around the clearing. Only Lexx was unaffected by it. In the dark, with occasional flashes of lightening, she could see the towering hulk of the beast standing against the gale, then it staggered and dropped to all fours. It was fighting the wind, but the ground was not cooperating. The creature stood again, a bad move for it as its footing on the slick grass and mud gave way.