Riane’s image flickered through Lexx’s mind, fading in death. She was smiling. Peacefully and happy and a flash of her experiences flooded Lexx’s subconscious.

‘ I am free ‘ the voice drifted through the relay, dropping Lexx’s mind into darkness. In a breath, he knew Riane. This was what he would look forward to if he were captured. This life that she’d led for several years now as merely a toy, a game piece.

Lexx stared at nothing, frightened by the deluge of memories and emotions. She’d done this on purpose in her dying moments, but why? He couldn’t understand it. Why did she bother? There was too much information to process.

“Lierna!!” Biste swore incredulously, realizing that his prized dice was down. “You killed my dice!! You killed, Riane! I don’t believe it!”

Anger seared through Lexx at the words. She was just a piece of property to this Littan. He could care less that she died, just that he was out the crids he’d paid for her. And Lexx hated him for it. If it wasn’t for the fact that he could barely even stand, he would have lunged at Biste.

“Losing is death,.” Lexx grated, head down, fists clenched at his sides. He would not fall, not in front of this monster. “Isn’t it? You say I killed her,.. but to her,.. she’s been set free. She won. I’m still in this living purgatory,… limbo,…” He spoke more to himself than Biste.