Chel stared at the window in thought.  ‘I don’t want to get Andrea in trouble and get the same for not being here,… but she’s old enough to know better,… and so am I.’  She sighed again.

‘I’ll call Mom and Dad in the morning and let them know about the window.  Need to get it fixed as soon as possible.  It can’t wait until they get home.’  That would be the easy part, the harder part would be getting Andrea to cooperate with her. ‘What to do about her?  I’ll let Andrea tell Mom herself.  I don’t want to.  I should have been here.  If she won’t tell her,.. then I will.  Mom’ll have to know.  Andrea’ll probably threaten to tell Mom about Lexx,… but I deserve that.  I’ll deal.”

At the thought of Lexx, Chel’s eyes drifted skyward, fixated on the stars.  ‘Speaking of Lexx,…. I wonder what he’s doing right now.’