“Six of these packets with water, Stealth? What are they?” Chel stirred the mixture of water and powder, frowning at the look and smell of the thick brown mixture.

“Nutramixes.” Stealth picked up a seventh packet and dropped it by the box to talk. “Lexx’s nanos use them to heal. He can’t stand because at the moment, they are taking from his body to heal that wing.” The cat explained, swishing her tails and winding her body around the box of mixes. “They can’t tell that they are causing damage in the process. They are machines and work like machines, following their programming to always work on the worst injury. They will take their materials from wherever they find them,.. fat,.. bones,.. muscle, if he doesn’t drink these, they would literally tear him apart.”

Chel was quiet in thought, still stirring the concoction. “Lexx is in a lot of pain?” She was just beginning to understand. Lexx didn’t seem to have a lot of fat on him to begin with and he ate less than she did, but he always seemed to be drinking something.

“Yes, and this is the first time he’s lost a limb.” Stealth sighed, shaking her head.