“Dislocations, gashes, broken bones. The nanites fix everything, but they don’t dull the pain. On the last set, Lexx broke a leg. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to hear,.. or see.” Stealth closed her eyes, recalling that match. It had been sudden. An opponent had shown up while Lexx was after another dice with Stealth. Stealth hadn’t seen the battle, too busy fighting the dice. It got away after the modifiers had worn off and Stealth had then gone to find Lexx.

Lexx’s right leg had been broken just above the knee. He was beaten up, but not in nearly as bad of shape as this battle. That was probably one of the few times that Stealth had allowed herself to show any real concern TO Lexx about him. She was the only dice there and it was cold.

“I wish I could help him,” Chel stopped stirring and looked at Stealth.

The cat sat up and retrieved the packet she’d had in her mouth.

“Pour this one in the mix. It’ll help him sleep,.. and he won’t feel anything.”