Lexx drank heavily of his favorite Dilna, powdered mixture and water, none of which had the misfortune of originating inside of an animal. That had been disgusting and the very thought had made him have a very bad reaction to the milk. He’d helped Chel clean up, but felt a little bad about it.

How could she drink something that came from an animal? Of course, she didn’t know that all of Lexx’s foods were created by a machine. Living in space, one did not eat animals, that was barbaric. The dice would eat animals, but not Lexx, nor would he eat things that grew in the ground or anywhere else. It was sickening.

Chel was amusing herself with a book that Lexx had given her on life on a space station, which outlined clearly how their food was prepared, hopefully so she wouldn’t offer him anything else along the organic lines. Besides, the nutra-mixes were far better for keeping one in a perfect balance.

Lexx hmmmd, drifting from that thought to another one. He was more relaxed now that things were not so tense between them. He could speak freely and well, he’d thrown up in front of her. It was embarrassing and not something he desired to repeat, but she’d been nice about it. Lexx set down the glass, realizing… “It’s time.”

“Time for what?” Chel looked up from her book, taking off her glasses.

“To release Stealth and Fly. They should be ready now.” Lexx fished around in his pocket for the pair of dice. He’d picked them out earlier this morning so they could be released as soon as they were ready and the buzzing in his pocket was a definite indicator they’d been reset. He held out the pair of dice to Chel. “Chel, you can release them. Just toss the dice.” He felt that was the least he could do.