“I wonder what Littans are like behind closed doors, don’t you, Maelinn?” Cinka dug at Maelinn, scooting closer to her and nudging her in the back. She didn’t respond, but Riley did. He rolled backward and rose to his feet.

‘I can’t take much from Cinka’s mouth.’ Riley walked to the two, folding his arms and glaring at Cinka. “That is ENOUGH, Cinka.” He snapped, trying his best to get the point across that he did not have the time to mess with her nor was he playing. She simply folded her arms under her breasts, lifting them in a way that really infuriated Riley. This was how she dealt with everyone, using her sex appeal to get what she wanted. It wouldn’t work on Riley. “I do not care for your company. Leave. Now.”

“Don’t be like that, Riley!” Cinka whined with a smile, “We could have fun! I’m sure I know a few tricks-“