Chel scooped up the kitten and the squirrel easily. They didn’t seem to be able to move quite as fast in this form, especially in the sand. Stealth pressed up against her, uncertain as to what Lexx had planned, but knowing how vulnerable she was in this form. Her claws wouldn’t be very effective. Fly on the other hand, was curious. He perked up and stared at Lexx. “What are you going to do with them, Lexx?” Chel inquired curiously, stopping in front of Lexx.

“Nothing really.” Lexx reached out to pick up the pair of dice by the nape of their necks, then turned toward the water. Fly’s tail immediately puffed up while Stealth hissed and flailed her tiny paws into the air. “In you go!”

“Noooo!!!” The two protested as they became airborne and landed in the surf. It was just deep enough to soak their fur and then to make matters worse, a wave washed over them, knocking them off their feet. The pair came up sputtering.

“Lexx!!” Chel stared at the two now drenched dice in amazement. She hadn’t expected Lexx to just throw them into the ocean. It really seemed cruel of him to do that. “That was mean! Are you going to toss me in too?!” Chel immediately regretted saying that. She backed away as Lexx looked over his shoulder. His moods did shift about unpredictably and right now, his expression told her she better not stand within arms reach.

“… are you feeling left out?” Lexx’s voice dripped with teasing and for a moment, he looked to be considering something, but instead reached down and grabbed for Zeta, who had been edging away as well. He squealed and kicked fiercely, but apparently Lexx had dealt with him before in this manner and jerked him off his feet by the tail. “Ok, your turn, Zeta. It’s not that bad!”

Zeta didn’t seem to buy it, he continued trying to reach the ground with his forelegs, crown flipped backwards in fright against his neck, “No! No! Zeta DROWN!!” The panicking creature screeched, “Zeta not want get eatted by water!”

Lexx jumped forward, heaving Zeta forward by his tail. “Lexx!” Chel yelled, tentatively starting forward, wondering if she should stop him. “You’re hurting him!”