“No I’m not.” Lexx swung Zeta up and out just past Stealth and Fly. He hit the water with a shriek, rolled and then came up gasping for air and kicking. “Zeta, you madiard! It’s only a foot deep!” Zeta sat up, looking forlorn and shivering. In front of him, Stealth was sulking and Fly was splashing about unsteadily. Zeta inhaled deeply, but didn’t actually seem to be hurt. “It’s just water, see?”

Zeta recoiled in distaste; face contorting as he ran his tongue around the outside of his mouth then shook his head violently. “Yaaagh… water ONLY good for drinking! This water not even good for that!” He spat and stood up. “Nasty!”

Lexx held up a small blue dice, showing it to Zeta, “Careful, or I’ll replace you with someone more agreeable.” He smiled and flicked the dice out into the water. There was a blast of color and then a dark form could be seen beneath the surface of the deeper water. Lexx started to wade out to it while Chel walked to the end of a rock outcrop and sat down, safe from the water and being drenched, but with a good view of everyone.

The water was waist deep near the end of the outcropping and dropped off even deeper to the side. Various colorful fish darted around the deep end. Some sort of grass was growing around the rock, which Chel thought was odd. Shouldn’t the salt water kill grass?

“Chel, meet Skate, the Swim Dice, at least she likes the water.” Lexx patted the head of a dark red creature with white speckles all over its head. Chel stared at it. It looked a lot like a ray, but a lot larger and at the moment, the things she thought were feelers were waving about above the water inquisitively. It,… she reprimanded herself recalling that Lexx had referred to it as a she and she had a name and apparently wasn’t like any fish she’d ever seen. Perhaps it wasn’t even a fish. Zeta wasn’t really a lizard, she knew that. He was very warm and had smooth skin, no scales at all.

“Skate?” Chel leaned forward cautiously. “She looks like a manta ray, only more colorful!” Lexx seemed pleased by that, rubbing the creature on the center of her head like it was a beloved puppy. Even Zeta turned and looked with a pathetic expression on his face as the discarded. ‘I know I’m going to get wet…’ The thought entered Chel’s head. ‘I just know it.’