Riley sighed in contemplative thought, enjoying the simplicity of simply being with Maelinn.

What a fine group of men we are. Lexx is afraid of women, of going a way in which he has to trust someone else. Zaile is afraid of abandonment, by the ones he loves so pays them to stay,.. and me?

Because it’s me, I’m the worst. I trust my love. I trust her, but she is a hybrid, Half Rishan, Half Littan and a bit of Kourwine. So beautiful and kind. She can never give me children and I want that, but I can live without children. I just wish I could kiss her.

One brush of my lips and her Rishan side would be my slave and that, would be wrong. I would never rob her of her spirited will. Some might say, but you are in love, what does it matter?

Relationships are as much about conflicts as working together, from friendships up. I don’t want a woman who agrees with everything I say. I want her to oppose my stupid decisions when I might not see them,.. isn’t that the point? Somehow, this will work out. I know it. I just don’t know how.