Lexx squirmed and moaned faintly. He’d fallen asleep a good half hour before and Chel had been watching over him. She was helpless to do anything other than to watch in concern. He was asleep, but still hurting.

Stealth nudged Chel’s leg, “You should get some sleep, Chel. It’s still early.” Chel sighed and followed Stealth to the bunk room, Zeta and Epsy following at her heels.

“I hope Lexx will be okay, you’re sure we should just leave him alone, Stealth?” Chel whispered, rubbing her left arm drowsily. She was tired.

“Lexx needs to rest. No noise.” Stealth replied, then added, “You know, Chel, you could catch the last dice in this set, if you want to. Lexx can’t. It might throw off his timetable.” Chel nodded slowly at the thought.

“I want to help him.”