It was murky and formless. Unnatural shapes moved all around, blown by a nonexistent wind. There was not a sound, other than his breathing. Lexx stared down at the pool in front of him. The water was still rippling and he was staring at his distorted reflection.

“So, tell me. Do you think she would really want you? Do you?” The voice was sharp, taunting and teasing him. Lexx could feel frozen fingers pulling at him and poking him.

“No.” Lexx sighed, staring down at the now clear reflection. Wings draped ominously over his reflection, even though he was aware that his own mental self did not have them.

“Why cling to a false hope?” The voice further tormented him, coming from the reflection. Lexx stared at himself, his other self. Who was this that always did this to him? Cold eyes glared at him, filled with a hate for everything and loathing. Was this really who he was?