“Lexx!” Chel screeched angrily, finding her feet after a few unsuccessful attempts to stand on the shifting sandy bottom. She quickly wrapped her arms over her chest.

“What?” Lexx was thoroughly amused at Chel stumbling, sputtering and then the subsequent yelling and glaring. He had succeeded in making her angry! “Skate’s still a little unsteady.” He felt the need to make the excuse, the words leaving his mouth before he could stop them. “I don’t see what the problem is anyway. It’s just water. It won’t hurt you.”

“That’s not the point!” Chel fumed, starting to shiver in the warm ocean breeze. The water was warm, but the water soaked clothing only seemed to cling to her skin and quickly turned cold in the breeze. Skate bumped up against her waist and nudged her arms. Chel barely stifled a giggle. She didn’t want to start laughing. She was angry and that was the way she wanted to stay, but the nudging was tickling her and the noise Skate made was odd. Oro,.. Oro… it seemed to be the only sound it made, repeatedly in a quavering tone. “Stop that, it tickles, skate!” Chel stared at the creature and then added, “Doesn’t this one talk like the others?”

“No. Not all of the dice are capable of speaking.” Lexx waded closer, holding out a hand, “Which is good, since as you know from Stealth, Fly… and Zeta, once they start talking they never stop.” Then, he splashed Chel, slapping his hands hard on the surface of the water. “You’re already wet! What’s a bit more?”