Chel reacted by screeching and quickly turning her back to Lexx. A lot of good it did. “Why are you picking on me?!” She cringed as another wave of water splashed against her back. This was just so unlike her first impression of the strange blue skinned alien.

He didn’t miss a beat, replying, “Because, you’re like the annoying little sister I never had,..” His voice took on a sarcastic level, “And you wanted me to have fun. I think this is fun.” Lexx was smiling. It felt good to smile and to him, it felt as though something had lifted off his shoulders for the moment. Unfortunately, it still tugged at the back of his mind that he didn’t have the right to be doing this. He shouldn’t be playing. How irresponsible of him. The girl was really causing more problems. He had to justify his actions. Justify. He wasn’t playing, he was picking on her to get her to go away! Maybe if he made her uncomfortable enough, she’d leave. Lexx settled back into the water a bit, enjoying its warmth. He really did like water. It was such an interesting element. “Would you prefer I go back to ignoring you?” Now why did he ask that? That didn’t justify his actions at all.

“No,.. but..” Chel started to speak, but Skate seemed to have another idea. The dice slid beneath the water and then hit Chel’s legs with her body, knocking the girl down and on top of Skate as she rose from the water. Caught off guard, all Chel could do was hold on.

“Deuce!” Lexx cursed open-mouthed. “All of my dice are on your side!” Skate hovered just out of Lexx’s reach, knowing that she could easily get out of his way should he try to get her new possession. Even though she was unable to speak, Skate was in every way as intelligent and conscious of what was going on around her as the other dice. She liked Chel.