Day 9, Afternoon – Stardust Reflections

Chel stood in the doorway between the bunkroom and living area. There wasn’t a dice to be seen, not even Stealth this time. It was quiet. Chel looked across the room at Lexx. He was still asleep. She walked across the room, still looking at him.


That’s how Lexx looked. His right arm was hanging off the couch and the only movement Chel could see was the slight shifting of his body with each sleeping breath. She wondered if he would wake up soon.

“Lexx?” Chel whispered, kneeling at the end of the couch near his head. He didn’t respond. Chel folded her arms in front of her and studied Lexx. His hair was a mess and there was still a little bit of blood and dirt on his skin. ‘It’s hard to be in a position to help someone, but not want to insult them by offering. I did what Lexx asked me to do, but I wish I could do more.”


Lexx always had a rigid way of standing and moving, like he was under constant stress. Now, he was fully relaxed. Chel had the strangest urge to reach out and touch him, but she didn’t. Earlier, he’d actually leaned on her seeking comfort. She knew that’s what he was doing. The words. They were truthful when she’d heard them. ‘Don’t leave,.. don’t leave me here alone.’

It still confused Chel. Maybe it was just the confusion and intense emotion of the situation. She could swear he hadn’t spoken, but she’d heard the words. Maybe there was something he wasn’t telling her. What she had felt at that moment was indescribable. She couldn’t put it into words, just a pure feeling.

Then he’d pulled away as though upset with himself. ‘This reminds me of the day we met. I can’t believe I shot him, then CAME here with him. People do stupid things.’ Chel went over her thoughts, remembering that first day.

‘This wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but I’m glad I did. How many people get to see or do anything amazing if they don’t take the risk? Everyone can’t say no when asked, to do something others would think is crazy.’