Damian didn’t look very alien to Chel. He was taller than Lexx by a foot and had very humanlike features, down to the color of his skin. He had hair, cut in an odd style with one side considerably longer than the other, almost as though it was to match the cut of his cloak, and it was dark red in color. The cloak he wore was emerald green with black fringes and only draped over his right shoulder, the rest he had swung around over his back to leave his left hand free. Beneath that, Damian wore a rich blue robe. The only thing that Chel could see that was visibly different, was his ears. They were conical in shape and angled directly out from his head instead of against it.

As Chel followed Lexx up onto the shore, she also noted the dog like creature that was running circles around a palm tree. It was making an odd noise, not very loud at all. It was probably Damian’s dice, she assumed. Damian approached Lexx quickly once he was on the dry sand. This alien apparently wasn’t fond of getting his feet wet.

“Nice place! Very nice, Shira Lexx! Mind if I stay for awhile?” Damian spoke quickly as Lexx walked right by him. He had a very noticeable accent and a voice that was much higher pitched than Chel had thought it would be.

Lexx kept walking. He was annoyed. “I couldn’t ask you to leave, could I?” Damian just had to show up. It wasn’t that the alien was unfriendly or taunted him, more that he just always wanted to be wherever Lexx was. He’d been this way since Lexx had met him on his first game. For some reason, Damian was attracted to him and he couldn’t figure out why, nor really wanted to know. Damian was overly friendly and one of those aliens who made a lot of physical contact while talking to anyone, even if they’d just met them. Lexx had learned the best way to avoid that, was to simply keep moving.

“I was surprised to pick you up on my scanner,… so thought you could use some company and cast my dice.” Damian stepped in front of Lexx to make him stop walking, then blinked. He had been concentrating so much on getting and keeping Lexx’s attention, he hadn’t really gotten a good look at the girl with him. The human girl. He had thought he was out in the bay with one of his dice, but this was an interesting turn of events. “Hello!” He greeted Chel cheerily, looking over Lexx’s shoulder, then looking back at Lexx. “Picking up a native girl, Lexx? Didn’t think you were into that,…”

Lexx felt his face immediately burn. He glared up at Damian and started to open his mouth to respond, but Damian kept on talking.

“Wait! This is your actual home world, isn’t it?!” Damian blurted out the words and each one sent a tendril of ice through Lexx’s back, prickling and sticking like daggers.

“Damian! No!” Lexx smacked his forehead with his hand. He would have done well for Chel not to hear that and deeply hoped that Damian had spoken too quickly for her to catch the comment. Lexx decided not to acknowledge it. “I am not picking her up! She owns one of my dice and won’t go until I give it back at the end of the game!”

Behind him, Chel gaped. Did she hear that right? She stared at Lexx’s scarred back, just looking at him. That wasn’t something she’d expected to hear, but it explained a lot,… and opened up an entirely new realm of questions.