“I was checking on him!” Chel quickly got to her feet, her face burning with embarrassment. “What are you doing here, Claudia?! How did you,…”

“I took a door!” The Kourwine hissed, “Now, move your little pink butt away from my Lexx!”

The burning sensation in Chel’s cheeks spread suddenly, growing with indignation. Just who did Claudia think she was to come in here like this? Nobody had invited her. Chel took a deep breath to settle her mind and flood of emotion that threatened to take over.

“Shh,.. can you please be quiet? Lexx is trying to sleep.” It wouldn’t do any good to fight with Claudia over this. Maybe Chel could manipulate her to see that it was in Lexx’s best interest that she not be here.

“Good,” Claudia remarked flippantly. She turned her back to Chel and added with a scalding disdain, “I’ll take care of him. You go do human things or something.”

The comment struck Chel like a slap across the face. Go do human things?! What was that supposed to mean?! Why was she letting Claudia get away with treating her like she was inferior to her? She annoyed Lexx. He didn’t want her around and Chel knew it, but apparently Claudia had never figured it out. Chel scowled, she didn’t know why Lexx tolerated the over affectionate alien, but she had no reason to be nice to her when she was intruding like this.